Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen

How to Make a Feel Bigger

small kitchen design

If you’re a homeowner with a , there are several design ideas that can make your space feel larger. These include white walls, U-shaped layouts, and storage solutions. Open shelving, too, can help keep the space feeling spacious. But remember that open shelves must be well-styled. Blogger Elsie Larson created a bright, open U-shaped kitchen using an all-white palette and floating open corner shelving. Her kitchen is anchored by a silver stove and stainless steel oven vent. This combination makes the space feel warm and lived in.

White walls

If you’re planning to paint your walls in a , a classic shade of white can be the perfect choice. It’s a classic color that will make the room appear larger. It is especially effective when the walls are small and the ceiling is high. Choosing a warm shade of white and incorporating other natural elements into the palette will make the space feel airier.

It’s important to note that you don’t want your walls to look too stark or flat. To avoid this, use different shades of white in different parts of the room. You can even use warm and cool whites at the same time to create different looks. This will give the space a wider feeling and will maximize natural lighting.

You can also use bright colors to draw the eye around the room. These colors will create a welcoming atmosphere and help you work in a friendly atmosphere. They also reflect natural light and make your kitchen feel spacious. If you have a small kitchen, a bright white wall color will make your space feel more open and spacious.

While white is the perfect choice for small kitchens, you may want to consider softer shades of the color to make the space look larger. Warm colors make your space appear larger by covering up breaks in the ceiling and wall structure. A white kitchen can be made even brighter by adding colorful accessories and dishware. If you want to add a splash of color, try using a bright color on one cabinet or pantry door.

U-shaped layouts

A U-shaped layout is a great choice for small kitchens because it is flexible and efficient. It creates an open, inviting space that can serve as a multi-functioning hub. Linda Williams of Hahka Builders Inc. created this u-shaped kitchen design that features an auxiliary island.

The U-shaped layout works well in all shapes and sizes, and it maximizes countertop surface and storage space. It also provides optimal access to the primary cook. However, it is possible to feel cramped and lacking in storage space with such a layout. Therefore, it is important to consider the amount of storage space and workspace available in your kitchen before making a decision.

Using a peninsula or island unit in a U-shaped kitchen layout will not only provide additional storage space, but it will also create more room for walking around the kitchen. Additionally, the peninsula will also provide an area for family gatherings or informal dining. If you do not have enough space for an island, you can install a breakfast peninsula.

A kitchen with a U-shaped layout will be more efficient, since it can accommodate two cooks or one. A typical U-shaped kitchen has a horseshoe-shaped work area with cabinets on three sides. One end of the U is open, allowing the cook to reach the refrigerator. A U-shaped kitchen can be as compact as a galley kitchen, but it can be a little wider if the space allows it. However, a wider U-shaped kitchen will reduce efficiency.

Storage solutions

While a small kitchen can be frustrating to cook in, it can also be highly functional if it is designed with clever storage solutions. Lazy Susans, stackable bins and behind-the-door storage can all make your space feel more spacious. Having a place to put everything means you’ll spend less time cleaning up and more time cooking.

A tilt-down drawer under the sink is a practical storage solution that will keep your utensils, sponges, and other small items organized. Another useful storage solution is a recycling storage station, which can be created with the help of a local craft store. This will free up valuable wall space for storage and also prevent items from sliding around. Lastly, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution for your kitchen, you can hire a professional organizer.

When it comes to designing a small kitchen, storage must be considered in the full scope of its design. You must optimize the space available while creating a functional and comfortable space. For example, small kitchen design must consider the availability of larders, pantry spaces, and mudrooms.

A bank of cupboards and shelves is another excellent way to maximize storage space in a small kitchen. A small kitchen needs a lot of stuff, and clever design solutions are essential for maximizing space. Tall units and storage systems can elongate the space, and you can even hang glasses below the cupboards to free up more countertop space.


When it comes to choosing wallpaper for a small kitchen, there are several different styles to choose from. One option is a simple watercolor wallpaper. This look is reminiscent of vintage garden illustrations. It features a serene color scheme and earth tones. Another option is a modern design that incorporates a bold pattern.

Wallpaper comes in a variety of designs, including floral, striped, or geometric patterns. Adding wallpaper to a small kitchen can bring a unique style and can be a cost-effective way to change the appearance of the space. Modern wallpaper also is stain-resistant and does not absorb odors, making it a practical choice for any kitchen.

Another option is paint or tile. These are much easier to clean. However, wallpaper is not without its drawbacks. You need to pay attention to the material of the wallpaper, especially if you like to cook. Traditional wallpaper tends to get dirty quickly, and over time loses its sparkle. Additionally, older wallpaper tends to collect foul smells. It is also best to avoid using fabric-based wallpapers, as they can collect dirt in the texture.

Choosing a wallpaper for your small kitchen design is an exciting way to break away from conventional wall treatments. It can add a splash of color and pattern to an otherwise unappealing space. Moreover, this option is easy to work with and adaptable.

Hanging glasses below cabinets

Hanging glasses below cabinets can free up storage space in a small kitchen. Depending on your daily use, you can keep your coffee cups and wine glasses in front of the cabinet, or move them to the back of the cabinet. You can also move dishes and dinnerware that you rarely use to the back of the cabinet. These options can save a lot of space. However, you should make sure you plan your kitchen design so that they fit in your space.

Using every last inch of space

If you have a small kitchen, you need to make the most of every square inch. That means finding clever ways to fit more things into a smaller space. Choosing tall units is one way to elongate a room, while using every inch of space in other ways. For example, you can hang glasses below cupboards to make more space for storage.

If you have a small kitchen, don’t worry – there are ways to make it look and function bigger. Here are 50 kitchen designs that showcase how you can maximize space. By using all the wall space, you can fit more cabinets, counters, and appliances in a smaller area.

Wallpaper is a great way to make a statement in a small kitchen. While you won’t have a ton of floor and counter space, you can make a big impact on the walls by using wallpaper as an accent wall. Designer Toledo Geller did just that with fun gold and white wallpaper behind a smokey mirror backsplash.

You can also use textural materials to add some color and texture to your kitchen. While a monochromatic color palette is traditional and works well in any kitchen, a multi-colored runner is a stylish way to break up a small space.



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