Pop of Color to Your Kitchen Design

Pop of Color to Your Kitchen Design

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pop kitchen design

Add a by using pendant lights. These lights can have brightly colored glass or lamp shades, and some are designed to look like works of art. They can be hung over your island, breakfast nook, or in-kitchen dining table. If you’re looking to incorporate color into your kitchen design, consider hanging one over your island.

Concentric circles highlighted with border lights

Modern kitchen design trends focus on clean lines, neutral colour schemes, and minimalist decor. These features look great in even the smallest of kitchen spaces. One of the popular styles of kitchen ceiling is the Pop ceiling, which is highlighted with two concentric circles and border lights. These lights are essentially small round LED bulbs that provide additional illumination.

Flowing water

Flowing water is a central feature of pop kitchen design. This bold and modern style embodies the spirit of freedom and spontaneity. This modern style is complemented with white worktops and neutral cupboards. The sink is designed with a dual-jet tap. It has an ergonomic lever for ease of use.

Natural green color

Natural green is a soothing color that can add an air of peace to your kitchen. It also evokes images of nature, springtime, and wealth. Green is associated with fertility, which correlates to the wealth of life. However, darker shades of green are considered healing to the mind and body. If you’re prone to health issues, use this color as an accent wall.

Although it’s a great accent color for kitchens, it should be used in moderation. A dark shade of green may invoke feelings of “green angst.” If you’re decorating a small space, choose lighter shades of green. Alternatively, you can incorporate natural green into a traditional design.

You can also use green to make a statement with your kitchen’s furniture. You can use a mint-colored table with ghost chairs around it, or a mint-colored kitchen island with tall cabinets. In addition, use bronze accents and uber-chic lighting to keep your new color scheme contemporary.

Glossy or matte paint

Matte paint is an excellent option for minimalist kitchens. It offers a smooth, solid color regardless of angle. Gloss paint is prone to changing drastically with different lighting, while matte can retain its look in nearly any situation. Matte paint can also add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen.

Matte paint gives the walls a rich velvet look, and tends to hide imperfections well. It’s a good choice for walls with low traffic, and also for ceilings and areas with damaged walls. However, a matte finish is not as durable as a glossy finish, and wear near handrails and doorways can leave a shiny spot. It also holds more dirt than other paint finishes, and stains can damage the finish.

Once you’ve chosen the paint color, you’ll need to decide on the paint finish. Glossy paints are often more durable and look nicer in a room, but they also reflect light poorly, making them more difficult to clean. However, if you want your walls to be easy to clean and maintain, then you should choose a matte paint.

Choose between matte or semi-gloss paint finishes. High-gloss paints reflect light, while satin finishes absorb light. However, if you have high-traffic areas and small children, a high-gloss paint finish may be a better choice. The glossy finish can also help you to highlight architectural elements. However, this type of finish is not recommended for older homes.

Glossy or matte paint finishes are popular in kitchens and work well in areas where you cook. A high-gloss finish will make food spills more easily wipe away. You can use a damp rag or sponge to wipe up stains.

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