L-Shaped Kitchen Designs

L-Shaped Kitchen Designs

l shaped kitchen design

An L shaped kitchen design is a great way to create a more functional and open space in your home. This type of kitchen design can also be a fun and unique layout. A long L shape kitchen can be a great alternative to a galley kitchen. It keeps the room open and allows for a large amount of counter space. You could even make it into an eat-in kitchen if you wanted.

Less cluttered

If you want a kitchen that’s less crowded, an L-shaped design is the way to go. This style features open shelving and an open window on one wall, while closed cabinetry occupies the other. This style is also ideal for small spaces as it visually widens the space.

L-shaped kitchens are often part of an open concept design and lend themselves well to efficient cooking. This layout can make cooking a much more pleasant experience. Additionally, it can increase the value of your home. Potential buyers will be attracted to this open-concept layout. They’ll appreciate the spaciousness, as well as the ability to accommodate more people.

Adding an island to an L-shaped kitchen is another way to optimize space. A kitchen island can provide additional storage and work surfaces, and make a design statement. However, a kitchen island can be a challenge in a small space, so consider the size of your kitchen before deciding on the placement. Alternatively, you may be able to add a portable work surface or trolley.

An L-shaped kitchen design also makes use of counter space. It’s important to limit the number of items that take up counter space, as a large L-shaped kitchen will seem crowded. Instead, consider putting the items that you use most often on the countertop. This will give you more room to work while cooking.

More space

An L shaped kitchen design is an excellent option if you want to maximize the amount of space in your kitchen. Its layout is open and spacious, and the kitchen can accommodate a large island and a separate dining area. The combination of cabinets and shelves allows you to maximize the use of wall space, and can make a small kitchen seem larger than it is.

An L shaped kitchen design also has a streamlined, functional island that will maximize your space and promote interactivity. The island provides four-way clearance around the kitchen, making it easier to move around the room without bumping into things. It also offers a more ergonomic working environment.

Another great feature of an L shaped kitchen is that it allows multiple people to work in it at the same time. With designated areas for preparation and cooking, you can talk to friends or family members while you’re cooking. This allows you to get more work done and save time. The L shape is also very flexible when it comes to size and design. It can be customized to fit any kitchen size.

An L shaped kitchen also allows for an open concept design, which is a popular trend in homes these days. In addition to offering more workspace, an L shape kitchen allows for more seating and storage space. The L shape allows you to install an island for additional space, which can be a useful feature for busy households.

Open floor plan

An L-shaped kitchen design is a great option if you’d like to create a more efficient workspace. It utilizes angled walls to direct work flow and has a large open space in the center for a kitchen island. The layout also features zones for food preparation, storage and cleaning. There is also room for a dining area.

An L-shaped kitchen design can be very social. The open floor plan provides plenty of space for a dining table and a large island. It also provides a great base for working with color. A dark cabinet kitchen with a breakfast bar island is a great example. A white subway tile floor and chrome pendant lighting complete this well-appointed layout.

A large L-shaped kitchen can be elegant and regal, yet offer the convenience of modern appliances. This kitchen design combines antiqued off-white cabinetry with beige Tuscan tile backsplash. The counters are made of granite stone, and the ceiling is decorated with two crystal chandeliers.

An L-shaped kitchen design is flexible, and allows for different activities and storage in the space. A large kitchen with an L-shaped floorplan can also feature a separate island for food prep and storage.


An L-shaped kitchen is defined by two adjoining walls that are perpendicular to each other. This allows the kitchen to take on the shape of an “L.” It can be large or small, open or closed, and it can accommodate any number of kitchen appliances and accessories. The length of the “legs” of an L-shaped kitchen design ranges between 12 and 15 feet.

An L-shaped kitchen can include an island to maximize space and make the space more functional. An island can double as a workspace or a dining area. You can incorporate a second sink into the kitchen island for additional counter space. Adding an island to an L-shaped kitchen can also improve visual appeal of the entire space.

A large L-shaped kitchen is an ideal spot for incorporating a breakfast bar island. A breakfast bar island provides extra prep space. An L-shaped kitchen may also include a small island without seating area. It may also be equipped with simple counters for food preparation. This dark-stained kitchen with a breakfast bar island features beautiful Calacatta classic marble countertops. Other design elements include white subway tile and chrome pendant lighting.

An L-shaped kitchen is also great for entertaining and socializing. It allows several cooks to work in the same area. Its open floor plan creates a spacious atmosphere. It also makes it easier to move from one area to another.

Statement lighting

Statement lighting can add a dramatic element to an l-shaped kitchen design. Incorporating large pendant lights over the breakfast bar or over the island can draw attention to specific areas. Statement lights can also add a touch of sophistication to a less formal space by acting as ambient and task lighting.

Grand crystal chandeliers can create an opulent look and suit a traditional aesthetic. You can also choose woven pendants, which add a touch of texture to the room and will enhance the look of the open space. Black pendants will add an elegant contrast to the white countertops and wooden dining table.

Pendants can add a focal point to the kitchen and create a more formal feel, although you should be aware that they may detract from a simple design. Moroccan-inspired pendants, for example, can reflect more light and create a more upscale look.

You can also incorporate a central island unit for an informal dining and chat area. This will provide space for family life as well as cooking chores. You can also use quirky items to add a unique twist to an L-shaped kitchen. You can even set them against a cream-colored wall to give them a quirky touch. There is no need to limit style just because you have a small space. An L-shaped kitchen can be just as stylish as a traditional one!

One way to break up a double-banked arrangement is to have two depths of wall cabinets – one for the prep zone and one for the cooking zone. You can also extend recessed lighting around the perimeter of an L-shaped kitchen design to create a loftier feeling. A backsplash made of unusual-shaped tiles can be a unique feature in an L-shaped kitchen. To give the space more character, you can hang a pair of indoor herb planters along a rail.

Cabinetry options

A kitchen layout in an L-shape uses only two walls, which creates a more open space. There are many design options available, from open shelving over the island to the use of peninsulas and larder units. An L-shaped kitchen is also ideal if the space has high ceilings.

An L-shaped kitchen is usually centered around an island, maximizing space and enhancing interaction. The island also provides 40-inch clearance around the perimeter, making it easier for you to maneuver around the kitchen and reduces the chance of bumping into things. For extra functionality, a kitchen island can be fitted with a sink and extra countertop space.

A kitchen in an L-shape with a doorway is known as a “broken L” design. This type of layout is an excellent way to experiment with different cabinetry options and create a unique style for your kitchen. For example, you can place a tall wall of cabinetry on one leg of the L, which frees up a section of countertop. This makes it a great option for kitchens where multiple cooks use the space.

Another popular choice for an L-shaped kitchen is a rustic style with an island sticking out of one side. This option gives you more space and plenty of storage while still maintaining an overall rustic feel. This type of design is ideal for cabin-style kitchens, since it offers a more rustic and homey feel.



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