It’s no secret that we spend a large amount of time in our bedroom, in particular sleeping in our bed. With that said, it’s only natural to want to create an inviting space that matches our design personality. If you are in the process of sprucing up your master bedroom and want to create a space that is both modern and comfortable, it can be hard to know where to begin. This is why we’ve put together some simple tips that you can follow.

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Create a New Atmosphere with Paint

One of the most important things you can do when redecorating your master bedroom is to change up the paint color. This single step will have the most impact on the room. Typically, if you are looking to create a modern space it’s wise to go with neutral soft colors such as beige, soft browns, soft greys, and white. These colors all provide that clean look that screams “modern”.

Now before you just rush out and hire a contractor, or tackle the painting yourself, it’s very important to know what is currently on the walls. If you live in an older home, there is a chance you may have lead paint. Obviously, this is something that needs to be dealt with safely by a professional. You’ll want to be sure you hire a contractor that stays on top of EPA lead certification renewal so you will have the peace of mind that your home is kept safe.

Downsize Your Bedframe

Another tip is to look at the furniture in your room, in particular your bed. If you’ve got a large bedframe filled with ornate details, this definitely won’t fit in with your new modern theme. Look for simple sleek designs that don’t act as the center of the room. Bedframes without a noticeable footboard tend to work in a modern space. As for the headboard, again you want sleek and simple. The fabric covered headboards make for a beautiful addition to a modern space.

Simplify the Bedding

Speaking of the bed, it’s also a good idea to simplify the bedding. Those big puffy printed comforters will only age the space. Instead think clean lines, which means solid colors, maybe a geometric print, stripes, or something else simple. Again, look to keep the colors soft and neutral.

Where you can add a pop of color is with a fabulous throw across the end of your bed, or with some bold decorative cushions. You can go as bright as you like, and even throw in a print if it’s in small quantities.

Change Out Lighting Fixtures

People often overlook the impact that lighting fixtures can have, but truth be told they have a pretty big impact on the overall design. You will want to stick with the clean lines, sleek, and streamlined look when picking new fixtures.

The Perfect Space to Relax In

By following these tips and inserting your own design style into the room, you’re sure to end up with a space that is modern, comfortable, and incredibly inviting.

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Last Modified: March 17, 2017

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