The wicker furniture that you use on your home’s deck requires specialized winter care to protect it from damage. First, you must use a soft brush to remove debris such as tree sap from the surfaces of a wicker chair. It is a good idea to perform this task on a warm day in the autumn so that the wicker materials can dry thoroughly. By removing the ugly stains from wicker as soon as possible, you can prevent permanent stains.

Here are a few additional tips on winter care and planning from the experts at Wicker Paradise.


Order New Cushions for Your Wicker Chairs

In addition to scrubbing the surfaces of a wicker chair, it is a good idea to clean the furniture’s cushion. However, if the fabric on the cushions is faded or torn, then throwing the items away can save you a lot of time. Wicker replacement cushions are easy to find in the spring after you bring your wicker sofas and chairs out of storage. Storing your wicker items in a basement or garage is an excellent way to increase the life span of the furniture.

Save Money By Buying Cushions in the Autumn

To save money, you can find Brown Jordan replacement cushions on sale in the autumn. When you want to order these items, measure a sofa carefully, or you can measure the old cushions to request the proper size. After you receive your bargain-priced patio furniture cushions, store the items in a clean location in order to use the cushions next spring.