For most of the homeowners, storage space is a prevalent problem that they have to deal with very often. Especially, for people who have a small living place or those who are short on cash. They have to think about effective and creative built-ins. Built-ins are custom-made storage space that is assembled to get the most out of even the small areas of your home. Built-ins can make any unoccupied or unacquainted space into useful cabinets, shelves, home offices and much more. But, particularly, built-ins can add those extra square inches that you were always looking for without having to spend on renovations or moving to someplace else.

If you want a modern-contemporary theme for your living room, then a decent, sophisticated configuration is all that you need.  If you don’t have much room in the living area, then Wall mounted units are a great option to maximize the floor area. Also, wall-hung modular design sections are good (for diverse arrangements) compartment storages.

Moreover, living room furniture can be used as convenient storage furniture for organizing things in a small home. One should invest in furniture pieces that have built-in storage space for the wise use of the available furniture. Today, you could find storage space in furniture pieces such as coffee tables, side tables, ottomans, console tables, chairs, sofas, beds, etc.

When you feel like you need a built-in storage, build shelves that look decorative, you can also use the extra space in the kitchen and the bathroom in the form of shelving units. Also, you can make use of attractive storage stuff like storage baskets and containers for neat and clean storage solutions. Thus, explore the full potential of your home by systematic planning and save yourself from the unnecessary costs.

Check out some custom built-ins modern storage furniture ideas that will make the most of every free square inch of your house.

  • Bed Built-Ins

Bed Built-ins are the best way to store more and organize the bits and pieces in a better way. You can find master beds with drawers, box storage, and storage headboards to store away your things (clothes, shoes, etc.). These bed built-ins will definitely provide that extra storage space that we always look for in a bedroom. These beds are quite easy to use and they come in a different range of sizes. Not only the beds, you can have storage side tables for your bedroom also.

  • Under The Stairs

Under the stairs storage is the most conventional and the best way to store your belongings. You can either go for built-in display shelves or display cabinets or slider racks or non-display cabinets or drawers. Consider taller units when planning about the under stairs storage. You can use this storage space as wine cellar storage, a small workspace, entryway storage space, pantry storage, shoes, clothes, etc.

  • Dining Room Storage

A dining area is not just for wine and dines. It can also be used as storage area to put away your that extra kitchen stuff. You can place a crockery unit or have built-in display cabinets or Scandinavian sideboards or display floating shelves or cabinets or drawers. If you have a free wall in the dining space or windows you can use them for building your storage units.

  • Kitchen Space

Having a storage space in the kitchen area helps you in organizing the bits and pieces in a more sneaky way. Cabinets under the counter top or above the countertop, under the island, shelves above the countertop or near the windows; vertical cabinets; drawers; slider racks; carrousel-style racks all makeup for a good storage area which you can use to store those extra things.

  • Living Room Area

A living room is the focal point of any house and it becomes necessary that you design it properly. Well, a living room is not just for entertaining guests or lounging, you can use it better as a storage space with different built-in furniture and use that empty wall effectively. You can use the area behind the couch or built- in storage side tables near the sofa or sofas with built-in storage; ottomans with built-ins, coffee table with drawers. You can use the whole wall facing your sofas as a storage unit. You can either go for floating shelves or floating cabinets or built a whole unit on the wall. You can have floating cabinets or display shelves under your mounted flat screen. You can also use the area near the window for setting up storage furniture.

Thus, built-in furniture gives you a smooth transition between different areas of your home and an orderly organized décor that makes your home look spacious. Built-ins give you that extra element that blends in perfectly for an overall minimalist appearance.