The insulating qualities of firebrick are essential when you are operating equipment that is designed to reach extreme temperatures. Cracks and friebrick that is missing or in disrepair make it dangerous to use kilns, ovens, fireboxes and fireplaces. Check these structures periodically to make sure that the firebrick is in top shape.

Cracked Firebrick

Cracks in firebrick are not always easy to detect. This is especially true when it comes to certain structures that are built into the walls. A sure sign is the release of excessive heqt, but if it is not in an open area it may not be noticeable until something catches on fire. To avoid this regularly inspect the bricks using a bright LED flashlight. Check from all angles to see any defining lines that signify a crack has started or is complete. Replqce these firebricks right away.

Crumbling Firebrick

Crumbling of firebrick can happen due to age, excessive use nd poor quality of materials. If you are experiencing this problem it is best to change out all of the firebrick to ensure you have top quality and safety handled. You do not want to change a few and have the rest fall apart later. New firebrick added to ovens, kins, fireboxes and fireplaces will extend their life for many years to come.

Serious Energy and Efficiency Problems

One way to determine that the firebricks may need replaced is to take note of any increase in energy or time it takes to get standard projects done. If the structure is not retaining proper heat it can take longer, or you may end up with a finished product that is undesirable. You can save money and a lot of headaches by simply replacing the firebricks at this stage.

New and Existing Structures

Brand new firebricks are not just reserved for new construction and equipment. These insulation items are designed to be changed at any time in the life of your oven, firebox, kiln or fireplace. Replacement of firebrick is cost-effective and is the best safety precaution you can take when it comes to older structures.

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