DIY projects are made much more fun, and affordable, when you can utilize a flexible material like foam. Here are some ideas from The Foam Factory for everyday DIY projects to jazz up your world.

Foam inserts are a fun way to express yourself and stay comfy doing it! There are several different densities, so choose what suits your style and your design best before starting any project.

Creating a custom cushion or a set is one of the most fun projects you can do. Specifically design each cushion to suit the room’s feel. Use different textures for an extra pop of personality!

Making the perfect pillow has never been easier. Choose a thick insert with a decent density and go wild. From quilted and tapestry pillows to fringe and sequence numbers, you can create the perfect accent pillow or your best night’s sleep.

Outdoor furniture cushions are another great way to use these kinds of inserts. It also comes with a host of benefits. Using the proper water-proof or water-resistant materials, simply add a zipper at the back or bottom of your new cushion. Now you have a fantastic way to keep your outdoor furniture looking fresh regardless of the season!

Keepsake cuddle buddies are another great way to use these inserts. Whether you want to make a huggable princess, a cuddly teddy, or a snuggly pirate, using inserts to make a cuddle pal for your kids is amazing! You can even have your kids get in on the project by either drawing out the design or helping you cut and sew the fabric.

Using these inserts over traditional stuffing isn’t just less messy. These inserts tend to keep their shape better over a longer period of time. The best part is, the only restriction when using these in your DIY projects and crafts is your imagination.


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Last Modified: August 30, 2017

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