Creative DIY Foam Insert Projects

DIY projects are made much more fun, and affordable, when you can utilize a flexible material like foam. Here are some ideas from The Foam Factory for everyday DIY projects to jazz up your world.

Foam inserts are a fun way to express yourself and stay comfy doing it! There are several different densities, so choose what suits your style and your design best before starting any project.

Creating a custom cushion or a set is one of the most fun projects you can do. Specifically design each cushion to suit the room’s feel. Use different textures for an extra pop of personality!

Making the perfect pillow has never been easier. Choose a thick insert with a decent density and go wild. From quilted and tapestry pillows to fringe and sequence numbers, you can create the perfect accent pillow or your best night’s sleep.

Outdoor furniture cushions are another great way to use these kinds of inserts. It also comes with a host of benefits. Using the proper water-proof or water-resistant materials, simply add a zipper at the back or bottom of your new cushion. Now you have a fantastic way to keep your outdoor furniture looking fresh regardless of the season!

Keepsake cuddle buddies are another great way to use these inserts. Whether you want to make a huggable princess, a cuddly teddy, or a snuggly pirate, using inserts to make a cuddle pal for your kids is amazing! You can even have your kids get in on the project by either drawing out the design or helping you cut and sew the fabric.

Using these inserts over traditional stuffing isn’t just less messy. These inserts tend to keep their shape better over a longer period of time. The best part is, the only restriction when using these in your DIY projects and crafts is your imagination.


Which Nursery Furniture Sets To Buy For Baby Bedroom

When you have kids at home, it becomes really hard to assemble things and keep it back in its place. Because, anyway their mischiefs cannot be controlled! They are going to play around with the stuffs that get into their hands and run around you catching their little siblings whom they are playing with. It is fun to watch them because that’s how they grow up. So why not create an environment that more mischievous than them? Yeah! Give a makeover their bedroom. Do it with the right nursery furniture sets that won’t hurt your kids. Here’s how!

  1. Rig Rag Rug

Let the soft feet touch the cozy rug when he/she comes behind to catch you. It’s safe and protects your child from the hard tiles too.

  1. The Little Big Man

Scandinavian furniture will never disappoint you. If you are looking for something different and unique to keep in the room, find a house shaped furniture to place in – be it the bed’s headboard, or the shelves on the wall, a tick-tick clock, or a play house. That homely shape object will always connect to the heart.

  1. Same Old Shades! Nah! Keep It Different

Perhaps! Some babies don’t like milk, just like me when I was a little she. And, probably they are bored of the simple painted walls too. Add some textures to the soft monochrome paints like prints in contrast to the shade of the wall colour or a wooden accent or make use of a vintage wallpaper tree art.

  1. Inspired By Their Activities

Children are always busy performing some or the other stuff say, painting or piling up the mountain of blocks or shooting at you all the wondering whirls of questions popping up in their minds. They are always curious and enthusiastic. Add some toys and frames to the empty space which could be their first learning at home. Match them with the white chairs for the kids and the shelves of Scandinavian interior.

  1. What Else Can Be Added

Cribs for the youngest member of the house, tables or stools, a storage bench to put in all the toys scattered around in the room when you pack up for the day; and of course the baby’s beds. You can get a joint one or separate single ones or for a little grown-ups, the double-decker beds. Yes, you require all of these when you buy furniture online UK at

And your tweens ones can now have a little of sound sleep after a whole energetic and fun-filled day. While you are reading out their bed time stories, they are already asleep gazing at the twinkling radium stars and planets, the galaxy on their ceilings – charging themselves for the next day thrills.…

6 Easy Ways for Contractors to Get More Referrals

Referrals are a way to increase and expand the business for any type of contractor. Word-of-mouth advertising and recommendations are the most effective for the service industry professions. Below are six ways you can easily gain more referrals than ever before.
Stay In Contact With Former Customers
One of your best sources of ongoing work will be former customers. It is critical to develop good working relationships with your customers. They will be more willing to brag about your work and refer your services to everyone they know. Contact them periodically to see if they need another project started, or know of anyone needing your services.

Get to Know Local Realtors
Realtors can be a wealth of leads when it comes to home and business repairs. They are handling both potential owners and people that are trying to sell. There may be last minute repairs that need done to clinch a sale. They can recommend your services, which has the potential of keeping you very busy.

Join Volunteer Organizations
Being seen as a company that cares about the community will draw people towards your contractor services. It is an easy way to network with a variety of people in the community. They will be more likely to refer friends to someone on their volunteer team than random contractors.

Keep Business Cards Handy
You never know when you will run into a potential customer at restaurants, social events, or even out for a night at the movie theater. Keep a good supply of business cards handy with current contact information. Simple preparation can help you nail solid leads.

Use Customer Service Follow-Up With Every Project
Hire a customer service firm that can help you make contact with each customer as jobs are completed. They can incorporate asking for referrals from all satisfied customers. You can also send referral request cards that they can fill out at their convenience.

Depend On Your Circle of Friends and Family
The people closest to you provide some of the best opportunities to bring in new jobs. Take every job that earns cash, since they can all lead to bigger and higher paying work. Develop a habit of asking for referrals. This is the way you will begin to grow and prosper without much effort.

Contact Contractor referral specialists like Renovation Experts and get solid local job leads for contractors right now!…

Tips for Creating a Modern and Comfortable Master Bedroom

It’s no secret that we spend a large amount of time in our bedroom, in particular sleeping in our bed. With that said, it’s only natural to want to create an inviting space that matches our design personality. If you are in the process of sprucing up your master bedroom and want to create a space that is both modern and comfortable, it can be hard to know where to begin. This is why we’ve put together some simple tips that you can follow.

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Create a New Atmosphere with Paint

One of the most important things you can do when redecorating your master bedroom is to change up the paint color. This single step will have the most impact on the room. Typically, if you are looking to create a modern space it’s wise to go with neutral soft colors such as beige, soft browns, soft greys, and white. These colors all provide that clean look that screams “modern”.

Now before you just rush out and hire a contractor, or tackle the painting yourself, it’s very important to know what is currently on the walls. If you live in an older home, there is a chance you may have lead paint. Obviously, this is something that needs to be dealt with safely by a professional. You’ll want to be sure you hire a contractor that stays on top of EPA lead certification renewal so you will have the peace of mind that your home is kept safe.

Downsize Your Bedframe

Another tip is to look at the furniture in your room, in particular your bed. If you’ve got a large bedframe filled with ornate details, this definitely won’t fit in with your new modern theme. Look for simple sleek designs that don’t act as the center of the room. Bedframes without a noticeable footboard tend to work in a modern space. As for the headboard, again you want sleek and simple. The fabric covered headboards make for a beautiful addition to a modern space.

Simplify the Bedding

Speaking of the bed, it’s also a good idea to simplify the bedding. Those big puffy printed comforters will only age the space. Instead think clean lines, which means solid colors, maybe a geometric print, stripes, or something else simple. Again, look to keep the colors soft and neutral.

Where you can add a pop of color is with a fabulous throw across the end of your bed, or with some bold decorative cushions. You can go as bright as you like, and even throw in a print if it’s in small quantities.

Change Out Lighting Fixtures

People often overlook the impact that lighting fixtures can have, but truth be told they have a pretty big impact on the overall design. You will want to stick with the clean lines, sleek, and streamlined look when picking new fixtures.

The Perfect Space to Relax In

By following these tips and inserting your own design style into the room, you’re sure to end up with a space that is modern, comfortable, and incredibly inviting.…

Benefits of Owning Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture sets are versatile for your home because the items have durable aluminum frames that won’t rust. This means that you can leave a chair or sofa outside your home without worrying about inclement weather.

You can also move wicker benches and couches from one location to another easily because the items are lightweight. Shops like Wicker Paradise send furniture made on an aluminum frame, which resists rusting and remains lightweight. If you are having a party inside your home, then just go outside to bring in a few extra chairs.

You Can Update Wicker Furniture With New Cushions

If you want to update a wicker sofa, then it is easy to find replacement cushions that will fit the seat properly. Designers create new designs for their cushions each year, making it easy to have a fashionable home without buying expensive furniture. You don’t need to buy all of the cushions at once when you are on a tight budget. When you need to save money on the cushions for wicker furniture, you can wait until there is a clearance sale at a store.

It Is Easy to Stain or Paint Wicker Furniture

When patio furniture cushions are stained or flat, buy new ones that are more attractive and comfortable at an online store. If you have wicker furniture, you can paint or stain it a different color before putting new cushions on the seats. When guests visit your home after you have completed this chore, they will think that you bought brand-new furniture rather than updating it.…

Bring the Beauty of Your Home Décor Outdoors

Most homeowners are very proud of their home and decorate it to suit their personal taste. Unfortunately, many people will have beautiful décor inside but they neglect the exterior areas. This could be simply because they don’t think they have any talent when it comes to landscaping. The good news is that creating an amazing lawn and garden area doesn’t have to be challenging.

Trees and Shrubs

Overgrown brush can be an eye sore as well as a nuisance. Trim all of the shrubs around the house to a decent level. Bushes should be no higher than the bottom of the windows. Otherwise they look like they are taking over. Dead or diseased trees need to be removed, and you want to trim branches back from utility poles. These treated wood poles from places like the Brown Wood Preserving Company won’t look rotted or ugly, and it will be safer to have branches away from power lines.

Flower Beds

All of the flower beds around your home should be cared for annually. Each spring you need to rake the area and apply fresh mulch. Choose mulch in colors that coordinate with the home’s siding and trim. This is also the time to thin out crowded perennials, and plant fresh annuals for the coming season. Decorative garden stakes, small statues, and gazing balls can be added to the beds for additional color. Use solar lights that will highlight these otherwise dark areas as evening approaches.

Porches, Decks, and Patios

Porches, deck, and patios are often forgotten when decorating. Nothing looks lonelier than any one of these areas left empty. Fill the space with outdoor furniture such as small tables and chairs. This will also create a place where you can come to enjoy the outdoors. Use hanging baskets, flower filled urns, and small potted plants to add color and interest. Don’t forget to leave out some coordinating throw pillows and lap blankets for added comfort.

Anyone can have a beautiful exterior by following these few simple steps. None of the tips described take excessive amounts of talent, and the supplies are affordable and easy to find. It only takes a little time and elbow grease to enjoy a rewarding lawn and garden.…

Modern Storage Ideas For Your Home

For most of the homeowners, storage space is a prevalent problem that they have to deal with very often. Especially, for people who have a small living place or those who are short on cash. They have to think about effective and creative built-ins. Built-ins are custom-made storage space that is assembled to get the most out of even the small areas of your home. Built-ins can make any unoccupied or unacquainted space into useful cabinets, shelves, home offices and much more. But, particularly, built-ins can add those extra square inches that you were always looking for without having to spend on renovations or moving to someplace else.

If you want a modern-contemporary theme for your living room, then a decent, sophisticated configuration is all that you need.  If you don’t have much room in the living area, then Wall mounted units are a great option to maximize the floor area. Also, wall-hung modular design sections are good (for diverse arrangements) compartment storages.

Moreover, living room furniture can be used as convenient storage furniture for organizing things in a small home. One should invest in furniture pieces that have built-in storage space for the wise use of the available furniture. Today, you could find storage space in furniture pieces such as coffee tables, side tables, ottomans, console tables, chairs, sofas, beds, etc.

When you feel like you need a built-in storage, build shelves that look decorative, you can also use the extra space in the kitchen and the bathroom in the form of shelving units. Also, you can make use of attractive storage stuff like storage baskets and containers for neat and clean storage solutions. Thus, explore the full potential of your home by systematic planning and save yourself from the unnecessary costs.

Check out some custom built-ins modern storage furniture ideas that will make the most of every free square inch of your house.

  • Bed Built-Ins

Bed Built-ins are the best way to store more and organize the bits and pieces in a better way. You can find master beds with drawers, box storage, and storage headboards to store away your things (clothes, shoes, etc.). These bed built-ins will definitely provide that extra storage space that we always look for in a bedroom. These beds are quite easy to use and they come in a different range of sizes. Not only the beds, you can have storage side tables for your bedroom also.

  • Under The Stairs

Under the stairs storage is the most conventional and the best way to store your belongings. You can either go for built-in display shelves or display cabinets or slider racks or non-display cabinets or drawers. Consider taller units when planning about the under stairs storage. You can use this storage space as wine cellar storage, a small workspace, entryway storage space, pantry storage, shoes, clothes, etc.

  • Dining Room Storage

A dining area is not just for wine and dines. It can also be used as storage area to put away your that extra kitchen stuff. You can place a crockery unit or have built-in display cabinets or Scandinavian sideboards or display floating shelves or cabinets or drawers. If you have a free wall in the dining space or windows you can use them for building your storage units.

  • Kitchen Space

Having a storage space in the kitchen area helps you in organizing the bits and pieces in a more sneaky way. Cabinets under the counter top or above the countertop, under the island, shelves above the countertop or near the windows; vertical cabinets; drawers; slider racks; carrousel-style racks all makeup for a good storage area which you can use to store those extra things.

  • Living Room Area

A living room is the focal point of any house and it becomes necessary that you design it properly. Well, a living room is not just for entertaining guests or lounging, you can use it better as a storage space with different built-in furniture and use that empty wall effectively. You can use the area behind the couch or built- in storage side tables near the sofa or sofas with built-in storage; ottomans with built-ins, coffee table with drawers. You can use the whole wall facing your sofas as a storage unit. You can either go for floating shelves or floating cabinets or built a whole unit on the wall. You can have floating cabinets or display shelves under your mounted flat screen. You can also use the area near the window for setting up storage furniture.

Thus, built-in furniture gives you a smooth transition between different areas of your home and an orderly organized décor that makes your home look spacious. Built-ins give you that extra element that blends in perfectly for an overall minimalist appearance.




Getting the Most Reliable Moving Service at Town

What can you take in accomplishing your relocation? It is essential to visit where you shall find the best moving service. It might be significant to understand the way you relocate. You need to adjust the transport mode to new place. Perhaps, you need truck or pick-up to move the furniture and related antiques. Surely, the expectation is definite. It means you have to find the moving process reliable and convenient. When it is the expectation, there should be enough support from available service.

Nothing shall be worried as City of Los Angeles is the real spot for new moving site. There should be clear point in the moving processes. At one point, the clothes, the furniture, and related objects shall be wrapped with special wrappers. High quality wrappers shall ensure the condition of the stuffs. Hence, it is not surprising to review available moving service at town. And, this shall give enough info regarding the service.

Noteworthy Moving Professionals

Every individual shall experience moving process at least once in the lifetime. As you are about to buy a new property, you intend to stay at the place. You will bring the whole family members in new place. To ensure you have the right services, it is effective to know where to check Moving Company License at nearest place.  As you should see, certification can be the only way to ensure you get the needed things. At minimum, there is a guarantee on potential broken antiques, for instance.

The key point is professional moving service highly needed. Many individuals from different backgrounds require the service. When the service is satisfying, the degree of trust to the service shall be higher. Finally, through the right hand on your moving, everything can be reliably transported. And, this gives greater satisfaction level for every existing and potential homeowner.


Create a Home Where Pests Do Not Want to Live

Dealing with pests in your home can be something that is a small annoyance, or it can be something that is almost like a nightmare. Thankfully, there are steps that you can take to ensure that your home is free of pests. Most importantly, you want to create an environment where pests do not want to live.

There are certain things that attract pests to a home. If you can identify these things, then you will be taking your first step to creating a home where pests do not want to live. Once you identify these things, you can be sure that your home is not attracting pests.

One thing that definitely attracts pests is garbage. Make sure that garbage is stored where pests will not be able to get it and that it is taken out on a regular basis. Some will make sure that they only throw food garbage away in the kitchen garbage pail. This will be lined with garbage bags, and then it will have a lid that seals to the garbage can. This garbage will be taken out on a daily basis. It will be transferred to another sealed container outside of the home until the garbage truck passes.

Something else that pests like is a moist and warm environment. This may require you to cut back shrubs, weeds, grass, flowers, and other vegetation from around your home. Do not create an environment where pests will happily breed. Also, make sure that all of the faucets and pipes in the home are well sealed. Moisture attracts pests, so make sure that you are not sending out a big invitation to them. It is also important to make sure that holes are sealed so that larger pests cannot enter into the basement, attic, or other areas of the home.

It is also a good idea to contact a Fort Myers pest control company. This company will either be able to come out when you notice a pest problem or on a regular basis in order to prevent pests. These professionals will be able to give you more advice on how to avoid having pests in your home. They may spray your entire home, or they may identify problem areas that need treatment. You can also talk to them about using natural substances in order to ward off pests.…

Budget Bedroom

Whether you don’t have a lot of money to remodel your child’s bedroom but still want to give it an updated look or you simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on a room that the child won’t be in for a long time, there are a few ideas that you will find for decorating on a budget. You can learn more today by calling a contractor to find out the least expensive way to paint the walls or even build a study area. One of the ways that you can save money on a remodeling project is to shop at vintage shops or resale stores. You can find a few odds and ends that others might not need in their home but that can be transformed into a beautiful addition for your child’s bedroom. An idea is an inexpensive dresser. Sand the outside, and paint the dresser in a fun color that the child likes. Add new drawer pulls to complete the dresser.

Recovering items that you find is a way to save money. All you need is new material and a stapler. Make sure you pull the material tight across whatever your recovering so that there aren’t any bunches in the fabric. Headboards are often the easiest to recover. Add a comfortable bedding set, soft pillows and a desk for a relaxing environment for the child to enjoy after school.

Find way to use other pieces of furniture in the room. A trunk can be turned on its side to use as a nightstand. A large dresser that is sturdy enough to hold a mattress can create the base for a platform bed. Window treatments can be used as a headboard along with curtains that are positioned in a fun manner on the wall. Shop smartly when you begin looking for items to complete the child’s room. Look for sales on bedroom decorations, and consider using bright prints as these sometimes go on sale more often than the traditional colors. Save money on painting by only doing one focal wall in the room with a bold color. This is the wall that will feature pictures and act as a background for large pieces of furniture.…