Most homeowners are very proud of their home and decorate it to suit their personal taste. Unfortunately, many people will have beautiful décor inside but they neglect the exterior areas. This could be simply because they don’t think they have any talent when it comes to landscaping. The good news is that creating an amazing lawn and garden area doesn’t have to be challenging.

Trees and Shrubs

Overgrown brush can be an eye sore as well as a nuisance. Trim all of the shrubs around the house to a decent level. Bushes should be no higher than the bottom of the windows. Otherwise they look like they are taking over. Dead or diseased trees need to be removed, and you want to trim branches back from utility poles. These treated wood poles from places like the Brown Wood Preserving Company won’t look rotted or ugly, and it will be safer to have branches away from power lines.

Flower Beds

All of the flower beds around your home should be cared for annually. Each spring you need to rake the area and apply fresh mulch. Choose mulch in colors that coordinate with the home’s siding and trim. This is also the time to thin out crowded perennials, and plant fresh annuals for the coming season. Decorative garden stakes, small statues, and gazing balls can be added to the beds for additional color. Use solar lights that will highlight these otherwise dark areas as evening approaches.

Porches, Decks, and Patios

Porches, deck, and patios are often forgotten when decorating. Nothing looks lonelier than any one of these areas left empty. Fill the space with outdoor furniture such as small tables and chairs. This will also create a place where you can come to enjoy the outdoors. Use hanging baskets, flower filled urns, and small potted plants to add color and interest. Don’t forget to leave out some coordinating throw pillows and lap blankets for added comfort.

Anyone can have a beautiful exterior by following these few simple steps. None of the tips described take excessive amounts of talent, and the supplies are affordable and easy to find. It only takes a little time and elbow grease to enjoy a rewarding lawn and garden.

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Last Modified: March 10, 2017

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