Articles for July 2017

Which Nursery Furniture Sets To Buy For Baby Bedroom

When you have kids at home, it becomes really hard to assemble things and keep it back in its place. Because, anyway their mischiefs cannot be controlled! They are going to play around with the stuffs that get into their hands and run around you catching their little siblings whom they are playing with. It is fun to watch them because that’s how they grow up. So why not create an environment that more mischievous than them? Yeah! Give a makeover their bedroom. Do it with the right nursery furniture sets that won’t hurt your kids. Here’s how!

  1. Rig Rag Rug

Let the soft feet touch the cozy rug when he/she comes behind to catch you. It’s safe and protects your child from the hard tiles too.

  1. The Little Big Man

Scandinavian furniture will never disappoint you. If you are looking for something different and unique to keep in the room, find a house shaped furniture to place in – be it the bed’s headboard, or the shelves on the wall, a tick-tick clock, or a play house. That homely shape object will always connect to the heart.

  1. Same Old Shades! Nah! Keep It Different

Perhaps! Some babies don’t like milk, just like me when I was a little she. And, probably they are bored of the simple painted walls too. Add some textures to the soft monochrome paints like prints in contrast to the shade of the wall colour or a wooden accent or make use of a vintage wallpaper tree art.

  1. Inspired By Their Activities

Children are always busy performing some or the other stuff say, painting or piling up the mountain of blocks or shooting at you all the wondering whirls of questions popping up in their minds. They are always curious and enthusiastic. Add some toys and frames to the empty space which could be their first learning at home. Match them with the white chairs for the kids and the shelves of Scandinavian interior.

  1. What Else Can Be Added

Cribs for the youngest member of the house, tables or stools, a storage bench to put in all the toys scattered around in the room when you pack up for the day; and of course the baby’s beds. You can get a joint one or separate single ones or for a little grown-ups, the double-decker beds. Yes, you require all of these when you buy furniture online UK at

And your tweens ones can now have a little of sound sleep after a whole energetic and fun-filled day. While you are reading out their bed time stories, they are already asleep gazing at the twinkling radium stars and planets, the galaxy on their ceilings – charging themselves for the next day thrills.…